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Yoga for Mental Health Awareness week.

Yoga is a tried

and tested method which has been used globally for thousands of years to clean the body and focus the mind. Using breathing techniques and specific physical postures, this holistic approach to wellness is used as a way to improve your health physically and mentally no matter your age, gender or fitness level.

Yoga is universally accessible and has specific styles or adaptations to suit everyone.

Results are instant. Physical postures build stamina, strength and flexibility whilst reducing potential injuries, toxins in the body and promoting a balance in your digestive, nervous and respiratory systems, as well as in hormone production and blood pressure levels.

Twenty minutes of yoga a day has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression and to build confidence, emotional resilience and the ability to manage anger.

Our physical and mental health are very much connected and if we can begin to master one then we can begin to master the other. Yoga uses the philosophy of BREATH, MOVEMENT and AWARENESS. Training our minds whilst on the mat to stay present and connected to our physical body soon begins to transfer into our daily lives, making a positive, sustainable change.

Since lockdown, yoga has been more popular and accessible than ever before with classes being he

ld locally face-to-face or virtually from the comfort of your own home.

Your mind will challenge you every step of the way and give you every reason under the sun why you shouldn’t take that class. That’s part of the journey. Sweep those thoughts aside, take the class and reap the rewards! Your mind and your body will thank you.

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