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Yoga with Carly is now on Summer break and returns back to a full

timetable on Monday 7th September 2020

I am a qualified Yoga Teacher in Authentic Hatha Yoga, Living Yoga Method, Pregnancy Yoga, Postnatal Yoga and Mum and Baby Yoga with over 12 years’ experience. Locally based in North Baddesley and a mum of 2.

Yoga can mean different things to different people, everyone is unique.

For me a regular yoga practice has helped me to stay physically fit, mentally focused and energetically balanced. 


I teach a range of classes from Gentle Yoga, Beginners Yoga, The Living Yoga Method, Hatha Vinyasa Yoga,

Corporate Yoga, 121's, up to more advanced Yoga Deepening classes.

I feel at home on a yoga mat connecting mind and body through the breath and love to share that with people.


Come and discover the art of strengthening, toning, detoxifying and releasing daily tension from your mind and body. With a more regular practice tapping in to your energy system with life-changing results. In a typical class I guide you through breathing techniques (pranayama) and physical postures (asana), together reducing tension from the body, stretching and toning the muscles allowing your body to let go of any built-up stress and toxins, calming your mind and increasing your natural energy levels with a

whole host of other life-changing benefits.


Over time and with a committed practice, you can upgrade your physical, mental and emotional well-being through the practice of yoga.​

Summer break runs from Monday 20th July to Sunday 6th September 2020



Living Yoga  Beginners

We start at the foundation of all yoga, taking each breathing technique and posture apart. Gently building a full one hour Living Yoga flow enabling you to confidently take part in any yoga class or move on to the next stage - Living Yoga Level 1.

7 week course £66.50 

Living Yoga Level 1 

Living Yoga is a carefully cultivated and systematical structured yoga flow designed so that everyone can make a positive change, physically and mentally through the practice of Living Yoga.


We create our own meditation in movement leaving the class feeling re-balanced, re-energised and ready for the day.

Drop in £10 per class

8 week block £68

Workplace/Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga available on request and tailored to each specific requirement.

Please get in touch. 


Gentle Yoga
Hatha Vinyasa or Foundation Yoga

Traditional Hatha Vinyasa yoga classes,

working with a variation of yoga postures and breathing techniques taking time out to take care of yourself.

Ideal for all levels including 

complete beginners, with options offered depending on your experience.

Drop in £10 per class

8 week block £68


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