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Yoga with Carly

A Yoga session can mean different things to different people, everyone is unique.  

For me a regular yoga practice has helped me to stay physically fit, mentally focused and energetically balanced.

These are the elements I bring to class with me, with the aim of helping you to do the same.

Yoga is for everyone no matter your age or experience. Sometimes you just need to explore different styles to find your own groove.

My background includes training in a number of styles of yoga including Authentic Hatha Yoga, The Living Yoga Method, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Rocket Yoga, Hot Yoga, Chair Yoga, Pregnancy & Postnatal with over 15 years’ experience and I have been lucky

enough to study with some of the top Senior Yoga Teachers in their field

including Steve Harrison, Sally Parkes, Kathy Ran and Ram Jain. 

My timetable currently includes The Living Yoga Method Beginner and progression to Level 1 and Level 1 plus, Vinyasa Yoga,

Gentle Yoga, Hotpod Yoga, Corporate Yoga and bespoke 121's.


Every 1 hour yoga session with me will include breathing techniques for your physical and mental well-being (pranayama), posture training (asana) and deep relaxation (meditation/mind training). Resulting in a stronger,

more flexible, energised and tension free body, increased immune system, balanced nervous system,

all round detoxification, a calmer more focused mind and an uplift in your overall health and outlook on life. 

Please get in touch to come and join us.



Living Yoga Method Beginners Course
Living Yoga Level 1 
Living Yoga Level 1 Plus

Perfect for complete beginners to yoga, yogis returning or anyone who wants to learn this inspiring method from scratch.

26 yoga postures, 2 breathing techniques, 1 deep relaxation and just enough yoga philosophy to make a difference.

 6 week course £66 

Living Yoga Level 1 is a yoga flow ideal for anyone who has completed The Living Yoga Beginners Course or practiced yoga in the past.

This yoga method is structured, consistent and sustainable for any age or level.


Being able to focus on your breath allows you to quiet the mind and encourages an overall sense of calm.

Re-setting yourself fully after each session.


We follow the Living Yoga method which includes breath work, asana practice and a guided mediation. 


We release our body and mind from any tension,

re-energise, deep cleanse and re-balancing the whole system, from top to bottom.

Drop in £10 per class

8 week block £68

These sessions are ideal for anyone who has been practicing Living Yoga Level 1 for a while.

We go deeper in the breathing practice, begin to include more subtle yoga practices including the Bandhas and add in long holding postures now the body is ready.

Drop in £10 per class

8 week block £68


The lab pic.jpeg
The Lab Photo April.jpeg
Vinyasa Yoga Flow
Gentle Yoga
Corporate and 121 Yoga

A traditional Vinyasa structured yoga flow, focusing on building strength, offering flexibility, taking care of our spine, joints and releasing the build up of

everyday tension, mentally and physically.  

A mixed ability class giving you the freedom to make your yoga as challenging as you would like

on the day. 


This flow can be energetic however we don’t move fast and modifications are always offered to suit every level, body type and energy level.

Drop in £10 per class

8 week block £68

A gentle, mindful yoga class, ideal for seniors or students returning from illness or injury.

We rebuild our mental and physical health with focused breathing techniques and adapted yoga postures.

All levels welcome including complete beginners.

Drop in £10 per class

8 week block £68

Corporate and 121 Yoga is available on request and tailored to each specific requirement.

Please get in touch. 


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Yoga with Carly

Tel: 07879495646


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